In theory you should start to read this 13th Blog right here, but somehow my brain has just instantly changed my memory of that number. While laying on this bed I obviously actually sea the parallel reality that lives in the 14th Blog. I normally don’t think of bad luck but in the empty left side of my brain there is now the lovely number 14 that really wants to do the particular revolution in my head. So, considering that I have been living in this hospital while waiting for my forth Brain Operation I’ll just embrace the numbers of history. I don’t actually remember the narrative of that bad number 13, how did our culture create that point of fear of certain numbers?

This is a parallel reality where, I have once again departed from my ‘normal’ particular world. Now, only this morning, I did actually recognize how I am occupying this ‘funny’ parallel reality. The perspective of reality has truly changed. Sorry for that… I mean I recognize that the ‘normal life’ is something clear for me, as I have seen a parallel reality in Life and Death quite a few times. I have already adventured while my brain gets woken up during operations and so there are quite a few little details that are stuck in my head.

But, right now, I am very surprised in this new chapter of my life. Recently, two or 3 months ago, I presented myself at a conference of the Brain Tumor Charity with some questions about the radical Keto diet which I am following, and they addressed the radical need to provide support for the members of the family. And it was great as at least some of the doctors now are learning how they should listen differently. The family’s vision of my life and my cancer are actually more useful than mine in many ways. In fact they are the mental and philosophical support in addition to the work of all the other doctors. Is this just mental or healthy? Absolutely, a thousand times and so Oncologist and Surgeons should sit down and learn how to listen. They should all sit down together and link their own philosophies for something bespoke.

The team of my family has been truly laboring away to find some tricks for my type of Cancer. It’s still an extreme place of stress but while their battles are so focused I feel 100% calm. Their labour helps keep me focused for keeping my head and body ready for whatever new battle. And considering that some time soon I’ll have my brain cut to pieces once again I have to finish with this particular piece of scientific reality. The reason why I am still alive is because in 2011 my sister and my mom hooked me up with an experimental trial of the Dendritic Vaccine. That particular study had started in the US at Duke university, and the Italians were the first to follow that trial here in Rome and the rest of Europe followed two years later. The fact that I am still alive does somehow makes them very excited, it seems to work… once in a while… for particular people with particular types of bodies. There are now quite a few trials about this all over Europe.

I am so obviously not able to enter the trials as the problem being is that they are set up for people with their first relationship with their bespoke vaccines. Me and a few of these people still alive are too weird for them. Around Europe there has been some private companies that are doing it, which it somehow proves that it must somehow actually work. Right? At least in theory. So Bianca, my sister called the British group and , besides from having to pay 300 Pounds to talk to that doctor, told her that it can all be done but… if we can pay 200,000 Pounds to that company. But is that possible? A potential cure for some bespoke has to cost that much ? The Italian doctor that made my own Trial just told me that back then she must have cost, more or less, 10 thousand Euro so this is truly mad now. Triple that or more even but still this is just too much. Or am I just a socialist myself and just have to embrace how we are currently living in time? If it costs 40 thousand I could ask all my money some money and somehow I could do it. But this is truly, truly ridiculous Capitalist unsocial health…..

Bianca now explores new countries for a more reasonable possibility for the vaccine.